Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Inspires Me - Part II

Yesterday, I blogged about how I might get an idea for a particular jewelry design. Most frequently, though, it's this - which can be summed up in two word:

Woo Pretty!

Yep, that's the highly analytical, scientific method I use.

It works like this. I enter a bead supply store "just to browse." That's the key. If I plan to buy something, I usually can not find what I'm looking for. If I plan *not* to purchase anything, the ideas often come like a speeding freight train.

If it makes me say, "Woo Pretty!" I buy it. It it makes me say, "Ooooh!" it's a 'maybe' (one to be strongly considered).

The challenge comes later, at home, when I have all these very pretty beads, findings, etc. and still no idea how I'll use them. Sometimes the inspiration will strike quickly. Other times, the beads will sit in my nicely organized box for weeks, months - and in a couple of instances, years - before I finally have that AHA! moment.

But I have faith in the process. You know the old like from the movie Field of Dreams - "if you build it, they will come." ? Well, that's kind of how this works.

"If I buy it, the idea will come."

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