Tuesday, September 9, 2008

For Sale: Lampworking Starter Kit $100 + shipping

Lampworking (Glass Bead Making) Supplies - NEVER USED!
$148 value. Yours for $100 + shipping (if applicable - see below)

Kit includes the following:
(see below for photos & full description)
NOTE: items will *not* be sold individually
  1. Torch head
  2. Protective eyewear
  3. Bead Release (aka "sludge")
  4. Dip 'N Etch mattifying solution
  5. Bead reamer and shoulder smoother
  6. 31 stainless steel mandrels
  7. 3-pc mounting bracket
  8. 15 glass rods (assorted colors)
  9. Fiber blankets
Background Story:

I took a lampworking (glass bead making) class at Forest Heart Studios eons ago, in 1997. It was fun, but I had a toddler at home, was preparing for the birth of my second child, etc. and just never got around to doing anything with my newly purchased supplies (I bought them at Forest Heart Studios). I packaged them safely with the thought of returning to it one day.

Fast forward nearly five years and a thousand miles. Apparently lampworking classes is a 'pregnancy craving' for me because, sure enough, while pregnant with my third child, I decided to take a refresher class at Stone & Paper Art Center.

I enjoyed the classes, but I just haven't gotten comfortable working with an open flame. I've decided to dust off my never-used supplies in hopes of selling them (to fund my next artistic endeavor - glass pendant making. I figure I may do better with a soldering iron than a torch.).

Photos & Descriptions:

Torch Head - approx. retail value $40

This torch head is for use with MAPP Gas 1-pound disposable canister (available at most big box home improvement stores). Box was sealed until 6/6/08 when I opened it to photograph this item.

The second photo is of the torch head once I broke the seal on the box.

This is a closer view of the torch head. You can see that it is perfectly clean, unused.

Protective Eyewear - approx. retail value $40

Okay, so you won't be winning any fashion awards wearing these, but your eyes will be protected both from debris, and the light of the torch, thanks to the special tinting. Although the flame is small, don't underestimate the impact of its long term effects on your vision. These glasses are OSHA-compliant and never used.

Dip 'N Etch liquid & Bead Release Powder - approx. retail value $17 & $4, respectively.

Dip ‘N Etch liquid gives glass beads a beautiful matte finish. 6 oz. bottle, never used. Approx. retail price $17.

Bead release pink powder, when mixed with water, is used to coat mandrels to make beads easier to remove. Sometimes referred to as "sludge." Approx. retail price $4.

NOTE: These items were purchased in 1997 and never used. However, I do not know the shelf-life for these items. They have been stored in a dark, dry, temperature-controlled environment.

Reamer/Smoother Set - approx. retail value $5 - $10 for the pair

The top item is a 'shoulder smoother' used to sand burrs from the edge of the finished bead hole. The bottom item is a bead reamer used to further smooth in the inside of the bead hole. Best used while the bead is wet.

Mandrels, set of 31 - approx. retail value $7

Stainless steel mandrels in three sizes: 15 very narrow, 6 medium, and 10 wider width

I believe these to be 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8", respectively based on the Forest Heart Studios' supply list.

Note: judging by the raw ends on some, I believe these were custom cut lengths. However, this does not affect the functionality at all.

Mounting Brackets, 3 piece set - approx. retail value $7

C-Clamp, L-bracket and other do-hickey are used together to securely mount the MAPP gas torch to your work table to allow for hands-free operation. (You'll need one hand for the mandrel, the other for the glass rod.)

Glass Cane (Rods), quantity 15 - approx. retail value $15 total

The four rods in the top of the photo measure 9”. Although I’m not 100% certain, but I believe these are Moretti COE 104 canes.

The remaining 11 rods measure 13" long and I believe, COE 90 canes.

Here's a better photo, along with the names I assigned each color.

NOTE: OP = opaque TR= Transparent
(from left to right):

  1. dark red (OP)
  2. French blue (OP)
  3. bright red (OP)
  4. dark blue (OP)
  5. sky blue (TR)
  6. light blue (TR)
  7. dark purple (OP?)
  8. teal (TR)
  9. medium amethyst purple (TR)
  10. navy blue (TR)
  11. light green (OP)
  12. light teal (OP)
  13. white (OP)
  14. clear (TR)
  15. black (OP)

Fiber Blankets, set of 2, unused - approx. retail value $8 (not pictured)

I hesitated about adding the fiber blankets to this kit, because I couldn't recall what type of fiber they are. Each one measures approx. 8 x 12 inches, and is approximately 1 - 1.5 inches thick. You do not what to handle these with bare hands. When you're finished making and heating your bead, you tuck the bead (still on the mandrel) in between these fiber blankets so they cool gradually and consistently.

Timing is important. If you place the bead between the blankets too soon, while the glass is still molten, the fibers may stick. If you wait too long and glass cools too much, the bead can crack. Experiment with your timing.

Approximate retail value of the entire set: $148

Asking Price: * $100 + $20 shipping

*Note: Items will be shipped within the 48 contiguous states via Fedex Ground for $20 . Credit card payments accepted via PayPal. If sold locally, shipping costs will not apply. Items will not be sold individually.

If you're interested - or have any questions - leave a comment.