Friday, November 25, 2011

OOPS, I did it again!

I have committment issues, it seems.   I've redesigned my logo, banners, and avatars for my blog, my Facebook page and my Etsy and ArtFire pages.  This is the 5th time (at least!) in four years.  Sheesh....

I've been obsessed with the color combination of gray and berry.   (Since I've decided to embrace my natural "silver" haircolor, I find that berry is one of my new colors that look good with my coloring.  So why not incorporate it in other areas of my life?)

The pale gray heart on my banner represents a motif I use in my sterling silver wire jewelry.   I "drew" it (my first vector graphic image!) using a free program called Inkscape.  I then put the banners/avatars together using another free program called GIMP

Feel free to chime in.  Is the gray too bland?  Is the pink too "Barbie"?  Or does it look okay?