Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1000 Markets

In addition to my Etsy shop, I can now also be found on the Here's the link:

1000 Markets is another online artisan venue, much smaller than Etsy (although perhaps not for long). They have a very simple fee structure: free to list items, no expiration on listings, 5.5% + 50 cents if the items sells.

Rather than accepting PayPal (I do like PayPal), 1000 Markets accepts Amazon Payments. What this means for the buyer is that if they have an account (and many people do), they can pay that way. As a seller, I never see the buyer's personal credit card information (the same is true with PayPal).

The downfall: right now, 1000 Markets is a U.S. only site, whereas Etsy is international. Still, I like the streamlined look of 1000 Markets. Check it out sometime.

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