Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SOLD: Rose Quartz Nugget Necklace

It was such a pleasant surprise to log on to my Etsy page today and discover that one of my pieces sold! It's an irregularly faceted rose quartz nugget that I wire-wrapped, added a freshwater cultured pearl and put on a chain (all metal components are sterling silver).

I have a similar piece in my own personal collection. I made one for myself and was wearing it to be sure it was comfortable and I received several compliments so I made a second one (even better, in my opinion) to list in my Etsy shop.

I was so excited that I immediately took it to the package store near my house so I could sent it off today. Rude awakening, though. I charge close-to-actual shipping and like to send my items in a 4 inch cube box via First Class mail with Delivery Confirmation.

I explicitly requested peanuts for my box, First Class with Delivery Confirmation. The woman at the shop adds the peanuts, seals the box, prints the label and tells me the total - which is quite a bit higher than usual. I look at the form and see that she circled Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. I ask her about that and she replied that they "don't do" First Class with Delivery Confirmation anymore. Lovely.

But wouldn't the time to have mentioned that have been as soon as I made my request (which not incidentally was before she added peanuts and sealed the box)? Grrrr. I could've opened the box, suggested an alternate use for the peanuts, taken my package and left. On principle, I should have. However, I wanted to ship it today (I wouldn't be able to drive to the post office today). Plus I was determined not to let it spoil my "Seller's High."

I did write a letter to the owner of the packing store letting him know that I didn't appreciate my experience today and that I'm highly unlikely to return (I'm sure he'll be heartbroken).

As a side note, when it comes to small parcels, Priority Mail isn't always any speedier than First Class. Next, I'm going to invest in an electronic postal scale for my home. Delivery Confirmation is much less expensive ($0.18 versus $0.85-.95) when you print your postage online - which you can do via PayPal.

But back to happy thoughts: a sale! Woo Hoo!

By the way, the Lampworking Supply Kit (Never Used) is still available. Click the link at the right (below my photo slideshow) for details.

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